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One of our report for a visit of
her Majesty the Queen
Mathilde of Belgium

report for royal visit

On those pages you will find some examples of photo shoot realized during the last 3 years, practical info, how works a photo shoot  ...
You can go to our studio in Brussels, otherwise our team can come to your place or the place of your choice.

Photo shoot studio (Brussels)

click on picture to see few example of photo shoot in uour studio in Brussels. Another place will be available soon near Waterloo / Ottignie.

Photo shoot outside/Location

click on picture to see few example of photo shoot on private gardens, beach...

Why & how works a photo shoot

Why doing a photo shoot? Which photographer to choose?

All of us have a camera or a smartphone at hand. We freeze everything: our holidays, our family meals or our evenings with friends, the first school year of the children ...

Nevertheless, it is useful to call a professional photographer from time to time.

  • Do photo shoot in studio or outside...
  • This is an opportunity to have beautiful portraits of you, 

An images that reveal your personality, which are just like you. Quality photos at a photographer for a professional need : 

  • for your CV in order to be valued at best in a company or for your own account
  • to enter a modeling agency or update your photo book, for the trombinoscope of your company
  • for professional social networks
  • to share it with familly & friends
  • to offer a calendar...

A photo shoot can also have a therapeutic effect, for example after a breakup or job loss, we can lose confidence and have a negative image of oneself.

How works a photo shoot

The duration of a photo shoot in studio is around 60 to 90 minutes 

  • You come with 2 or 3 set of clothes and select background (beach, forest, autumn, winter, industrial, Xmas, corporate, colour...)
  • Few minutes to set up light & selected background
  • Few photo test & gain confidence (ice breaking)
  • Let's go for fun...
  • After a few days the photos will be sent or published on a secure online storage. 

Conditions and tips

  • If you wish, we can also ask for a makeup artist
  • if you are shy or stressed, do not hesitate to come with a friend to encourage you.
  • Any person under 18, MUST be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Due to GDPR regulation, a "confidentiality agreement contract" will be provided for each photo shoot or report
  • For free sessions or with discount price, in counter party, we will select a set of photos that will serve for promotional purposes.